Stress Management and Control

Stress Management – the need to control distress.

Stress helps keep us alert, motivates us to face challenges, and drives us to solve problems. Stress is a very natural and important part of life. Low levels of stress are manageable and can be thought of as necessary and normal stimulation. ‘Distress’ however results when our body over-react to events producing a “fight or flight” reaction. Blood vessels and the digestive system contract, heartbeat increases, the liver releases more glucose into the muscles, the mouth feels dry and muscles tense. Prolonged distress is very damaging to both our physical health and mental well being.

Stress management and control through massage

The art of relieving symptoms of physical tension and mental stress by the use of massage has been practiced since the beginning of time. Massage has been used through the centuries and to the present day in China, India, ancient Egypt and Greece. Humans and many animal have always used touch to reassure and calm themselves and others. When we hurt ourselves we instinctively rub where it hurts.

Stress management – Break the cycle.

Failure to manage and control stress can result in tense neck and shoulder muscles, leading to stiffness, headaches and then – even more stress. You can break this cycle with a short massage.

Massage helps to relax the mind, body and spirit, creating a feeling of peace, calm and well being. It allows the nervous system to return to a natural balance, reducing many stress-related conditions, such as palpitations, negative emotional feelings and raised blood pressure.

A regular massage every day, even if you’re not feeling stressed is the most excellent stress management and control tool and undoubtedly the best preventive health measure available.

Stress management and control in the home

How often do we return home from work bringing the stress with us. A short session in the massage chair and the problems of the day and perhaps a nightmare journey home, will simply melt away. Do your wife and children dread you return? Don’t wait till it’s too late – manage the stress with a Massage Chair – the ultimate stress management tool.

Stress management and control at work

The combination of physical tension caused by working at a desk, particularly if using a computer and keyboard and the stress of general day to day business problems eventually threatens even the healthiest body.

Two short daily sessions in a massage chair will help the mind and body deal with day to day stress and will promote that feeling of general well being essential to safeguard your health.

The use of the back, neck and shoulder massage is particularly helpful in relieving tight muscles caused by bad office and keyboard posture.

Relaxing in the chair can be an ideal time to revise the days plans. If things are really getting on top of you, set an automatic massage pattern and phone an old friend. Within a few minutes your perspectives will change and most problems will simply disappear

Why wait longer?

Leave stress behind with a new massage chair.

Stress Management
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