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Acute and Chronic Back Pain – Traditional Treatment and Relief

Almost everyone suffers with back pain from time to time. In many cases this pain afflicts the lower back, but depending on the cause it can affect the upper back muscles as well.

The traditional medical treatment for any type of back pain is rest, heat and pain relieving medications but recent studies have shown that bed rest may not after all be the best treatment.

Until now there has been no clear scientific basis for recommending massage as a treatment for back pain. However a new study confirms what the Massage Chair Co. and many satisfied customers who use massage chairs therapeutically have known for many years.

Back pain relief by massage treatment

The study published in the April 23, 2001 issue of the American Medical Association journal Archives of Internal Medicine shows that massage may be one of the best options for treating chronic back pain and because there are no side affects should now be considered as the first option. Three out of four people who had massage therapy in the study showed benefit Рsurprisingly a much higher success rate than might be expected from traditional medical therapy or medication.
For those who are dissatisfied with the traditional medical treatments and are seeking an alternative route to treat their back pain, the study at last provides scientific evidence that in most cases massage can be useful for people with chronic back pain and that it is certainly something that anyone with chronic back pain should consider trying.

Back Pain relief by heat treatment

Heat can also be a very effective therapy for relieving back pain. Use of the Sterling ‘deep heat’ option in conjunction with a short massage will relieve the back pain by improving blood circulation and getting the warmth deep into the affected tissues at the site of the pain.
Back Pain Relief and prevention in the workplace.

Sitting incorrectly can cause stress on the Lumbo-Sacral joint and is a common cause of back pain at work. All massage chairs can recline to the horizontal position relieving the pressure a short massage session in the horizontal position will remove the pressure and quickly relieve the pain by helping loosen tightened muscles, reducing tissue adhesions and improving local blood circulation
Enlightened companies now install Sterling, and Keyton, massage chairs in the workplace, knowing that it will be an excellent investment, reducing time lost through back pain and the side effects of medication.

Why wait longer? Make back pain a thing of the past

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Back Relief