Pre and Post Workout

Post workout massages speed recovery

You can recover more quickly after a workout by getting a massage. Don’t just take our word for it. This benefit is backed by tons of research that finds that massage after intense physical activity resulted in less scarring. Studies also found that the muscles had more vessel formation after massage.

In order to heal quickly and be ready for the next workout, your muscles need circulation for oxygen and to rebuild cells. A post workout massage speeds up recovery by sending more blood to recovering muscles.

If you’re working on physical conditioning at the gym, massage has even more benefits. According to PCOM, “Massage for sports injuries is a particularly effective way of dealing with the injuries that occur in the tearing down phase.” Warming your muscles with massage helps them relax more quickly, too.

You’ll benefit greatly from a full body massage after every visit to the gym in the luxury and privacy of your own home as a way to ease soreness and to speed up the recovery time after an intense workout.

A post workout massage can decrease inflammation

After a solid workout, reduce inflammation with a post workout massage. According to Men’s Fitness, you should work a 10 minute massage or longer in your after workout plans due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

What causes inflammation? When you damage tissues in your body, white blood cells near the area help protect the tissue from further damage or infection. This causes the swelling – it’s actually a protective reaction. But too much inflammation, or misdirected inflammation, can cause muscle stiffness or more serious issues.

If you work out often, you’ve probably had some inflammation at least once or twice. To reduce the inflammation, instead of reaching for Ibuprofen or medication, try a 10 minuet massage in your very own Sterling massage chair, don’t take my word for it we are selling more and more massage chairs to athletes and sports professionals from top golfers and tennis players to footballers and rugby players.

10 minutes in one of our Massage chairs can reduce athletic injuries

You should take extra steps to relax stiff muscles and joints, especially if you are preparing for an upcoming competition or event. With a 10 minute post workout massage in one of our Sterling massage chairs, you’ll help maintain that flexibility that’s crucial for avoiding injuries.

Inflexibility is one of the main causes of injuries, after poor training or form. Get a nice, deep tissue massage from one of our Sterling massage chairs after working out in order to increase flexibility and workout any pressure points. You can adjust the massage chair to work on areas that need extra attention, like tight hamstrings or hips.

Sterling massage chairs can be used for more than just relaxation. If you have chronic pain, or ongoing issues relating to training or athletics, just take a 10 or 20 minute massage program and I guarantee you’ll feel better.

You’ll have more energy

Believe it or not, a relaxing post workout massage in one of our Sterling massage chairs can actually give you more energy. According to Deep Recovery, massages release mitochondria, which “can improve endurance performance by increasing the rate that muscles utilize oxygen.”

In other words, you can use massage to send more oxygen to your muscles. When you do, you increase your energy and endurance. This is one of the reasons post workout massage is so great for your body. You recover faster, which means you’ll feel like hitting the gym again in no time.

Post workout massage improves blood flow

Remember the inflammation we talked about? That’s not good for your muscles as it reduces blood flow in order to heal properly. On the flip side, you can improve blood flow and get all of the benefits of that through a post workout massage.

If you’ve done any research on blood flow before, you know already all of the reasons it’s important. Healthy circulation benefits all of our organs and keeps us looking and feeling young. You’ll have increased energy, potentially fewer headaches, better workouts, and possibly boost your immunity when your circulation is good.

You’ll have less stress and anxiety

This one certainly works for me, everyday life causes a fair amount of stress and anxiety. Over time, stress and anxiety end up taking a huge toll on our bodies. Too much stress can negate the impact of regular workouts. So if I want to reduce anxiety, I spend 10 minutes a day in one of our Sterling Massage in the showroom. There’s no better time to get a massage than my time and in privacy.

Regular exercise is already an awesome way to reduce anxiety. Every now and then, though, you might find yourself in need of a little extra relaxation after a session of HIIT or a couple hours of weightlifting jump in to your very own Sterling massage chair to work out any tension both in your body and your mind.

Massage can relieve pain and improve your mood

When you’re reducing inflammation and getting blood circulating through your body, you should experience some pain relief. Depending on what’s causing the pain, massage can be an ideal way to relieve it. Massage will help you relax, increase flexibility, and generally feel better. The reason is that massage releases serotonin in the brain, which is the chemical that puts you in a better mood.

Working out hard takes a toll on the body. If you push yourself hard on a regular basis, you’re going to be sore – and may have pain – from time to time. Gone are the days when you had to book a massage session take and hour or two out of your busy schedule, now all you have to do is sit down in your own home to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. You’ll feel much better after your time at the gym.


Many people realise that massage is therapeutic, but stop short of making it a regular part of their routine. If you already workout a few times a week, it only makes sense to start incorporating massage as an extension of your fitness regimen. A post workout massage is actually part of a solid fitness plan – it’s not just for pain management or relaxation!

You’ll boost your circulation, too, which will improve your health, keep your skin looking better and younger, and improve your endurance. That means you’ll have better results in the gym if you make time for massage every week.