Keyton Domo H10 – Stone Grey Premium Leather with Walnut Finish


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Keyton massage chairs are the only massage chair manufacture to be based in Europe, Keyton are a very design lead company and have a passion for innovation, all there chairs are made individually to order. You can choose from different wood finishes and types of leather and beautiful soft fabrics to a vast range of colours so you can guarantee the chair you choose will fit seamlessly in to your home.

The massage system has an ergonomic robot that will autofix to any curve of the back and sensor system that can recognize the back position, they also have 3D leg multi massage, as well as a head massage. S-Curve technology is ergonomically perfect for cervical, dorsal and lumbar positions. All in all a great massage with great design.

Once you have decided on your desired specification and colour chairs normally take up to 6 weeks to delivery due to there bespoke nature.


European Design

Hundreds of Colours to Choose From

Different Leathers and Soft Fabrics

Choice of Woodwork Finishes in Dark Oak or or Light Walnut

Patented Massage Technology

Built to Order